$449.99 $398.24 Exc TAX


  • IP67/IP66 Certified Waterproof & Dustproof
  • RMS 200W (4Ω)
  • RMS 300W (2Ω)
  • Speaker Level Input
  • Signal Sensing Turn-on
  • Wired Level Control Included
  • (W)7-13/16” x (H)1-15/16” x (D)4-1/8”


Your EVERWHERE Audio Experience


EXTREME Durability


IPX7/IPX6/IP6X certified. The amplifier can be submerged in up to 3.3 feet of water for 30 minutes, and can resist high-pressure, heavy sprays of water.

Salt Spray PROOF

ASTM B117 salt spray (or salt fog) corrosion testing ensures the amplifier will not corrode or fail in saltwater and other harsh environments.

Vibration PROOF

Thick 1/4″ die-cast frame suppresses vibration.

Raised drain tunnel prevents moisture buildup.

ULTIMATE Performance

Increased Power Flow

Metal studs enable high current flow for connections between the amplifier and battery, resulting in powerful bass reproduction.

High Quality Capacitors

PMLCAP’s (Polymer Multi-Layer Capacitors) are utilized in the LC filter circuits to decrease distortion, ensuring clear detail for a truer to life sound.

Magnetic Shielding

Magnetic shields for the output coils reduce radiated noise, further contributing to smooth and accurate bass frequency signals.

Selectable Connection

Speaker Level Input

If your receiver does not have RCA outputs, you can connect your speaker cables directly to the KAC-M5001’s RCA cables to use as an audio signal input.

Wired Level Control Included

Waterproof certified wired remote level control allows you to easily adjust the subwoofer volume.

System EXPANSION Ready

KENWOOD Audio Receivers and the KAC-M5024BT have RCA outputs to expand the system to connect to the KAC-M5001 mono amplifier and subwoofer.

*Subwoofers pictured here are not water-resistant

General Features

Max Power 600W
RMS Power 300W (2Ω)
200W (4Ω)
S/N Signal to Noise Ratio: 78 dB
Size (W)7-13/16” x (H)1-15/16” x (D)4-1/8”
Low Pass Filter 50Hz-200Hz, -24dB/oct
Inflasonic Filter 20Hz, -24dB/oct
Other Features Class-D Amplifier
IP67/IP66 Waterproof & Dustproof
ASTM B117 Salt Spray Proof (Amplifier)
Variable Low Pass Filter
Wired Level Control Included


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