Samsung 55″ LS03T 4K UHD FRAME TV (QN55LS03TA)

$1,999.99 Exc TAX

  • Motion Rate 240 – 120 Hz
  • Quantum Processor 4K
  • No Gap Wall Mount Included
  • Customizable Frame

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IMPORTANT - Local Pick Up Only: Due to size and/or weight restrictions this product cannot be shipped and is available for local pick up only.


Frame-look Design
The Frame is a TV with an elegant and modern frame that seamlessly blends into your decor. It not only enhances your space as a TV, it becomes a part of your personal gallery as a work of art.
Beautify your space with art
Experience the modern way to display your own personal art collection. The Frame matches your space as well as your style. When it’s on, it’s an amazing television. And when it’s off, it’s like a work of art.
Bringing world-class galleries to your home
Discover a wide art collection in the Art Store. When you sign up for a paid Membership, you gain unlimited access to an exceptional range of artwork and photography, spanning from classic to contemporary.
* The Art Store may not be available in some countries. * Art pieces in the Art Store are subject to change without prior notice.
See the world in QLED Technology
Samsung Quantum Dot technology delivers a full 100% colour volume, while Dual LED technology increases contrast based on backlight temperature for optimal colour tone. Experience our finest picture ever with one billion shades of pure colour at any brightness.
* 100% colour volume according to DCI-P3 Colour Space tested by Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker (VDE Germany) ID.40045577 December 2017.
Customize to your style
The choice is yours when it comes to The Frame from Samsung. Pick the ideal customizable bezel for your space, taste, or artwork—magnets make it simple to attach and detach for a different style.
* Customizable bezels sold separately. Available colours may vary by region.
Hangs like a real frame
Installing The Frame is simple and quick, and you can just tilt it sideways, back, or forward for the ideal view.
* Measured from rear end of the TV, the gap may differ based on the installation and wall type. * A small gap between the wall and TV may occur if wall is not 100% flat or is constructed off-angle to the floor or if installed incorrectly. * The actual angle when tilting may vary by product size.
Keeps the view clean
One Invisible Connection hides cables so you can connect all your devices via the One Connect Box without any messy or tangled wires.
* Devices must be connected to One Connect Box. * Compatible devices only.
Transform your room into a gallery
Think different. Put The Frame anywhere you like with various TV stand options that match you and the style of your interior.
* The Studio Stand may be sold separately. * Availability of Studio Stand may vary by region and TV’s size. * The Frame is only available with Studio Stand(VG-SEST11K).
Auto Curation
The Frame learns what you like and automatically recommends artworks you’d love to see on your wall. It’ll also keep you up to date with new and popular artworks.
* Actual user experience may vary.
Collect your favourites
Curate your own personalized gallery selecting and marking the pieces you like as favourites and see them all in one place.
* The images are for illustrative purposes only and are intended to provide better understanding.
Frame your most-loved moments
You can easily upload and exhibit your own photography—or a new family portrait. Simply send your photos to The Frame via your phone or a USB flash drive.
* Personal photos uploaded to The Frame will be displayed at the original resolution. Displaying 4K(3840×2160 pixels) and above images is recommended. * Compatible devices only.
Add artistic filters to your photos
You can choose from six filters that give your photos unique new flair so they look even better on your wall.
* Actual user experience may vary.
Your art, your way
Now there are more ways to customize The Frame. With Art Mode, you get 7 different types of layout styles and a palette of 10 different colours to choose from.
The ideal way to appreciate art all day
By detecting the light, the Brightness Sensor automatically balances the screen’s brightness and colour tone for a natural illumination. So whether it’s day or night, you can see your art how it was meant to be seen.
* Brightness sensor operates when turned on in Art Mode. Performance may vary depending on lighting condition.
Senses your presence
When you’re nearby, the Motion Sensor detects your presence and turns the TV display into artwork, so you can enjoy your favorite art while you’re there. When you leave, it turns off to save energy.
* Motion sensor operates when turned on in Art Mode. Performance may vary depending on lighting condition.
More than a black screen
Your Frame TV can mimic the wall pattern behind it, or display art, photos or information.
* Ambient Mode service may vary by region. * Background feature accuracy may vary based on TV location, dependent on wall designs, patterns, and/or colours.


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